1. What camera/editing software do you use?
  • Currently: Canon 60D, lens are: Canon 50 mm & 85 mm. Tokina 12 - 24 mm.  Editing software is final cut pro x for videos  and Photoshop CS5 for pictures. For thumbnails I sometimes use picmonkey.

2. What size do you wear? 
  • It depends on the store/item. Usually a US14/16 on top and a US 16/18 for bottoms for most places. For retro brands like hell bunny and lindy bop I wear a 3x. 

3. Where do you shop? 
  • Literally everywhere. Anywhere that clothes are sold, I can usually find something I like, it's a talent, haha. My favorite store is Modcloth, I think about 90% of my closet is from there at this point. I also really like ASOS. H&M and Forever 21 are nice for easy browsing at the mall, but I mainly shop online. 

4. How do you shop in the straight sizes?
  • I used to get asked this question a lot, especially about Urban Outfitters. Back then, the sizes there weren't so teeny tiny and I could fit into some of the over sized or stretchier stuff. I don't shop there anymore, but my answer to this question is still the same - TRY EVERYTHING ON. Don't be afraid of stuff not fitting because the truth of it is, none of the stuff in stores like that are designed for plus body types. You gotta try stuff on and make it work for you. It might not fit you like it does the model or the mannequin, but you can still look good in it ! 
  • Also don't set yourself up for failure, pay attention to fabrics, the type of item is it. Does it have stretch? is it a button up? if you try on this dress will it turn into a shirt on you? Think of those things before you take stuff into the fitting room. Also, don't be bummed out too long about something not fitting. If it doesn't, take it off and try on the next thing. And if nothing fits you on that particular shopping trip, that's okay! buy yourself an ice cream cone and try shopping online. (: 

5. How are you so confident?
  • I'm planning on making a video about this in the near future. But to put in bluntly - I literally don't give a fuck what people think about me or how I look or what I wear. 
6. What is your job/how do you afford all this stuff?
  • This question is so weird to me. But if you must know, I work as an office admin. I personally don't think my finances/how I spend my money is anyones business but my own. 
7. Where did you get *this specific item* ?
  • If you ask me this, I will like 99% of the time not answer. If it's on youtube, it's been written in the description - there might even be a link! I tag all my stuff on instagram if I post an outfit. 
8. "Who is that guy? he's cute!"
  • That's my brother pls stop. 


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