#ootd | a late happy thanksgiving to you

outfit details:
cardigan | Modcloth 
dress | Modcloth 
shoes | BAIT Footwear via Modcloth 

Okay, so this post is like nearly four days late. Whoops. The evils of Black Friday shopping distracted me from posting this on the day of and after. As for the rest of the weekend, I honestly have no excuse other than I forgot. Anyways! About Thanksgiving. It's not exactly my favorite holiday. I'd much rather be thinking about Christmas. But I always enjoy the reminder to be thankful for the people in my life who care about me. I hope you all had a nice Thursday, even if you don't celebrate it! 

#ootd | I'm in New York!

outfit details:
sweatshirt | Forever 21 +
skirt | handmade
shoes | BAIT Footwear

Sorry for my absence recently, it's been a whirlwind this month getting ready for my trip to New York and then actually traveling all the way out here. I haven't been away from home by myself in ... well ever, so this has definitely been an adventure. I was so determined to film a fall lookbook and vlog, but as soon as I got out here I found myself forgetting entirely about that. I just wanted to really be in the moment and experience everything without having to worry about documenting it all. I spent an amazing weekend in Brooklyn with my friend Megan, we did some shopping and a lot of eating. I also got to visit Dia & Co and style two tulle skirts for their instagram (which you can check out here). Then I got on a train for seven freaking hours to upstate New York to stay with my BFF for the rest of the week. 

It's been an amazing trip and while I'm kind of bummed that I didn't vlog and take all the pictures I said I was going to, I'm really glad to have been living in the moment. 

#ootd | October 30th 2015

outfit details:
Dress | Modcloth (old)
Pizza Pin | Pygmy Hippo Shoppe 
Shoes | BAIT Footwear 

There is no reason for this post other than I thought my outfit looked cute so I wanted to document it. Hence the horrible title, whoops. It's better this way, I almost used "Feelin' Foxy".