And we're back!

Hello? Is anyone still there?
If there is anyone out there still reading this blog - hello! I am super really excited to say that I am back in the blogging game! It's been almost two years since I last used this blog, which is kind of embarrassing to say the least. I've been relatively active over on my youtube channel, but making videos is hard work! There's so much time and effort that go into filming and editing one that I always end up with huge gaps between uploads. So to fill the gaps, I thought - hey remember that blog you used to have, why not start that up again? 
And here we are! Thank you to Kaelah from thecluelessgirl for doing all the heavy lifting when it came to this blog redesign. I literally just made a pinterest mood board, it was great (sidenote: super into pinterest now!). I have a lot of things planned for this blog and my youtube channel, so I hope you'll stick along for the ride, I can't wait! 

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