In a galaxy far far away ...

(oh yeah, I went there, I referenced Star Wars. ... I'm sorry.)
Hey all!
So let's just pretend that I didn't abandoned my blog for almost six months in favor of youtubey things and get on with how amazing this dress is, 'kay? 'Kay! ^_^

I first saw this dress on the lovely Erin of ZeroStyle  and dreamed about owning it for awhile (it was kind of really out of my price range) until finally it went on sale and I flailed around for a bit before desperately searching for my wallet. I ordered it (and one other dress so I could get my 30% off!) and then waited impatiently for about a week and a half before it arrived. I'm actually kind of surprised with myself since it's not really my usual style, but it's so freakin' comfy and soft and super cool to look at. 

I've had it for a couple weeks, but I wore it out to dinner  for the first time last night and managed to get my friend to take a couple pictures for me. 

 deets: dress| simplybe, jacket|F21+, shoes and hat|Urban Outfitters, creepy eye ring|Topshop, sunglasses|ebay

Thanks for reading guys! I'm not gonna say I'll be back soon because I honestly have no idea, but I am planning to write a blog post about shopping at Urban Outfitters because it's a question I get a lot. So hopefully I can throw together some kind of guide on how to shop there when you're a fat babe. B]

See you later! ;)


  1. girrrrrl you look AMAZING!!!! wow! i love it on you!

  2. OMG! This dress has been the love of my life for a while now.
    It looks great on you! I love how you styled it. :D