the fatkini

Currently I am bedridden with what I hope is a very fleeting stomach bug so I don't know when I'll have another outfit post up but until there, here is my fatkini! 

deets: bathing suit| modcloth

Last Friday I went to the dog beach with a couple of friends and, of course, my dog. I had been itching to go out to the beach, any beach, so I could strut around in my new bathing suit. Which is saying something, seeing as how I'm not terribly fond of the beach to begin with. 

 My dog is the big fluffy one, the little black one came over and decided that she wanted in on our treats! 
 My dog is pretty old, so she just kind of waded in the water for a bit before decided that her time was better spent lounging on a beach towel. 
my denim/kind of chambray skirt is from Nordstrom BP! 

Lunch from Panera!

if you're interested, here is my fatkini from last year

thank you for reading!


  1. loving the fatkini!!!!
    do you have any links for high waisted bikini's? Looked and didn't find much.

    1. I think I found the suit....
      Another site that has adorable high waisted suits is http://www.unique-vintage.com/

  2. Fatkini? More like a FABkini can I get an amen!