FFG: the body con

Sorry I'm so late with this post!
I made the video for this Fat Girl Fashion like nearly two weeks ago but I totally spaced and forgot to write up a blog post to go with it! This time I decided to do body con skirts, it took me awhile to be comfortable in them, but now they're one of my favorite things to wear!

outfit #1 - this is one of my favorite body con skirts, the material is super soft and I love the blue and green stripes. I paired it with a light weight cropped top and some cute little sandals! I decided to add a denim button up on top to tie everything in together. 

outfit #2- this was kind of grunge inspired, I guess? I really like pairing body con skirts with bulky sweaters and this one has really cool mesh cut outs. I added some darky vampy lipstick and some really round sunglasses to top everything off. 
outfit #3- this is definitely one of my favorite outfits. I've worn it before to go out to dinner with friends and I think it's perfect for a night out on the town. the body con skirt is actually velvet! and I think it looks really edgy paired with the longer blouse.

outfit #4- okay, I lied, this is definitely my favorite because SEQUINS MINI SKIRT! I just love everything about this, it's definitely my favorite look from this FGF. I really like the juxtaposition of the sequins and the leather. I threw on tights because its more of a night time look and I've worn this skirt with these tights before and thought it looked really cute. 

Here's the video! it lists where I got everything! (:

the fatkini

Currently I am bedridden with what I hope is a very fleeting stomach bug so I don't know when I'll have another outfit post up but until there, here is my fatkini! 

deets: bathing suit| modcloth

Last Friday I went to the dog beach with a couple of friends and, of course, my dog. I had been itching to go out to the beach, any beach, so I could strut around in my new bathing suit. Which is saying something, seeing as how I'm not terribly fond of the beach to begin with. 

 My dog is the big fluffy one, the little black one came over and decided that she wanted in on our treats! 
 My dog is pretty old, so she just kind of waded in the water for a bit before decided that her time was better spent lounging on a beach towel. 
my denim/kind of chambray skirt is from Nordstrom BP! 

Lunch from Panera!

if you're interested, here is my fatkini from last year

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dinner and a show

Just thought I'd post a few pictures from last weekend! I got all dolled up to go to a fancy dinner and watch the Addams Family musical. 

 victory rolls! they took forever to do, but I was pretty impressed with the end result. 
 I wore my favorite dress from ASOS and paired it with a clutch from H&M and Seychelles Ampersand heels.
 love the sparkles on this clutch. 
 shoes! I found mine at Nordstroms on a great sale and my mom's are from Aldo!
Morticia! I was too afraid to take more pictures and my brother was judging me so I only took this one. 

me, my mom and brother!

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