FGF: Spring Trends

So, remember awhile back, I said that I was going to make more Fat Girl Fashion posts? Well, here's the second one! I thought I would try something new and film a video ! It actually turned out better than I thought and I'll definitely be making more. 

Trend|Pastels - look 1
I've worn this outfit before and I'm pretty sure I posted a picture of it on my tumblr, but I just love it so much. This is definitely one of my favorite dresses, the color is beautiful! 

Trend|Pastels - look 2
I love this maxi skirt, I got it on sale at UO awhile back and it's a size medium! Seriously guys, try EVERYTHING on. you never know what will fit you! 

Trend|Polka dots - look 1
I went a little polka dot crazy with this outfit, but what can I say, I love them. They're so fun and girly. I was terrified of walking in these shoes! The heel on one of them isn't really that stable, but I wanted to wear them for this look. I almost fell to my death a couple times. 

Trend| peter pan collar, neon, polka dots. 
Okay, so it looks like the trends kind of threw up all over this outfit, but it's totally my fave. I love the contrast of the neon belt with the neutral colors of my skirt and top. 

thanks for reading! 

pretend neon

Hey everyone!
So, I'm not going to lie, I didn't even get to wear this skirt for more than ten minutes before I spilt something on it. I am forever ruining nice things because of my clumsiness. Anyways, I was on the hunt for a bright neon pink skirt to wear with this top for the longest time. I'm still searching for one, because hey, who doesn't love a neon pink skirt, but until I find one I thought this one was really cute!

deets: top&bracelet|H&M, skirt&belt|Addition Elle via Kohls, shoes|JC Lita, sunglasses|thrift 

So I think this skirt is probably as close to the neon trend as I'm going to get. I love neon anything, but I feel like they wash  me out big time! And after googling neon green, I realize that this totally isn't it, but I'm going to pretend anyways. ^_^

I freakin' love these shoes, they make me super tall and are surprisingly comfortable to walk in. It's probably because of the HUGE platform.  

 I saw this bracelet at H&M the other day and bought it and now I'm kind of obsessed with it. I love the effortless elegance it brings to a look. 

Also, as an extra! here's a picture of me at my birthday BBQ last weekend. The dress is from H&M and it's probably my favorite thing in my closet at the moment. 

thanks for reading!