fatshion february #3

Hello everyone! I've been super busy with school, but I finally had a moment to take some pictures of my outfit today! I wore this to go get brunch with my mom and do a little shopping at Urban Outfitters. Window shopping that is. 

deets: dress|H&M, vest|F21

I freakin' love this dress so much. When I first saw it in H&M, I knew it was so perfectly me that I had to have it. I searched almost every single rack looking for a size large, but all they had were mediums. I tried it on anyways because it was so cute and I hoped that maybe I could squeeze myself into it. And I could! I was so excited. The vest used to be a jacket that a friend got me for my birthday a loooong time ago, but my arms have gotten significantly fatter since I was 16, so I decided that I could use another denim vest and cut off the sleeves! 

necklace|F21, brooches|H&M and the Rosebowl. 

This necklace is so awesome. I love juxtaposition of pairing it with really feminine dresses and tops. I found this amazing green brooch at the Rosebowl when I went last summer. The picture doesn't do it justice, it's so much more vibrant and sparkly in real life. 

my hands! this awesome purple nail polish is from Urban Outfitters. 

My rings that I always wear, along with this ring that reminds me of LOTR and my mom's Tiffany ring that she wanted to be included in the picture, haha. 

These flats are from Old Navy and I had bought them because I was having a shoe emergency and needed something cheap and comfortable. BEST EMERGENCY PURCHASE EVER. They are so comfy and they're burgundy velvet flats, what's not to love?

-- -- -- 

My mom and I went to Snooze in Hillcrest for brunch, it's seriously so yummy and I have such a hard time deciding what to get every time we go there. 

Some of the best hot chocolate I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. 

Our spread! 

A blurry picture of my food. I got two kinds of eggs benedict- Chilaquiles Benedict and the Bella! Bella! Benny. So good, I definitely recommend the Chilaquiles Benedict! 

my mom's BLT, it was so good, totally getting it next time we go!

The pancake flight! We got to pick three pancakes from the menu: a bourbon cherry one (not my favorite), red velvet, and the pancake of the day which was called Islands Girl. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Love the dress!

  2. I really, really want this dress! I can't seem to find it anywhere though its so popular.

    That food is to die for omg.

    1. When I first bought the dress, I just decided to get it in a medium because I didn't think I would see it again, but I still wanted a large so I went to another H&M and they told me that it was an older dress and that they probably wouldn't have it again so maybe that's why you haven't seen it anywhere. I wish you the best of luck in finding one!