fatshion february #2

Hello everyone! So, this has been a sad start to Fatshion February, I was really ill this past week and could barely get out of bed, much less get dressed. I'm feeling better now though so more outfit posts to come soon! 

Anyways, today my great aunt told me that I reminded her of a pumpkin. 

deets: dress|F21, tights|unknown, shoes|Seychelles

I love love love this dress. When I first saw it on a mannequin at Forever 21, I was pretty sure that it wasn't going to fit, even if they did have a large. I tried it on anyways because I really love the cut of the dress and I'd just seen a yellow one on tumblr the week before that was amazing and I wanted one for myself. Forever 21 straight size dresses are pretty hit and miss with me, but this was totally a hit. It's just further proof that you should try on everything, even if you think it might not fit. 

this necklace is either from Charlotte Russe or F21, I don't really remember because I got it ages ago. I hardly every wear it since I don't think it fits my style all that well, but it pairs really well with the orange of my dress. My bow ring is a gift from my mom and the claddagh ring is the one I always wear. 

D&G sunnies that I got for Christmas. They're navy blue and  cat eyed and I love them so much. I thought I had lost them last month because I couldn't find them anywhere, but it turned out that I had left them in my camera bag.  Silly me. >_>

Not the best picture, but it's actually hard to take pictures of your shoes on a tripod. These aren't the most comfortable shoes but I like their vintagey feel! 

Thanks for reading! I'm off to eat Chinese food with my family. 


  1. Really love your dress! Its the perfect colour.

  2. I love this dress! Such an awesome color!