Lush haul + an OOTD

I tried to get some decent pictures of my outfit today, but it was raining and all gloomy outside. And with my mother behind the camera, I was a little nervous that I wasn't going to get any good shots. She did manage to take a couple decent ones before it started raining on us!

deets: dress(worn as top)| JCPenney's, skirt|so old I can't remember where I got it, tights|Target, boots|stevemadden 

my mom got me this beautiful gothic looking necklace for Christmas. I love it because it's got a matte finish to it!
my mulberry alexa look alike bag! another gift from Christmas that I've been getting a lot of use out of.

Okay, so onto part two of this post!
I've never really been a bath person. I can barely sit still for ten seconds, so the thought of soaking in a tub for half an hour makes me cringe a little. But I've always been curious about Lush, I've seen so many videos on youtube where people rave about their products (most of which look edible, but sadly are not!). I had been into a Lush store at the beginning of last year, but didn't purchase anything and kicked myself for it so many times. I'm sure you can imagine my delight when I saw a tiny little Lush store that just seemed to magically appear at the mall over night! They had their grand opening party today and I knew that  I had to go and check everything out. 

There was actually a line to get in the store! It was so long the first time I got there that I left and came back a little later when it was shorter. 

So many people in such a tiny store! I tried to take pictures while I was in there, but there was just no way. It was so crowded! Guess there's more Lushies in San Diego than I thought! 

I did manage to take pictures of the items that I got though!

the guy told me this was a Blackberry bath bomb, but now I'm not so sure! I think it might actually be Fairy Jasmine. Whichever one it is, it smells really good!

 Ma Bar bubble bar! it smells like chocolate and I thought the little sugar cube was such a cute touch. 

Happy Blooming bath melt. It smells just like cherries, I wish I could eat it. Seriously. 

Rehab shampoo- I've been wanting to try their Rehab shampoo since my hair is so dry and over processed. The girl helping me was kind enough to give me a sample! I'm not very keen on the smell (kiwi and papaya) but it's not too overbearing.

It's Raining Men shower gel- I've been wanting to try this shower gel for ages, it smells so good! Just like honey !

Mask of Magnaminty- I've been using the Cupcake fresh face mask for about two weeks now and have been loving it, I wanted to try and repurchase it today, but sadly they were already sold out. I settled on Mask of Magnaminty instead which I've also been wanting to try. It's a minty deep cleansing face/body mask. 

Lemony Flutter cuticle butter- this was part of my gift with purchase! I was so excited to see it there because I've been wanting to buy it for myself but wasn't sure if how I felt about the $14 price tag. I have very dry cuticles and if this works well for me, I'll definitely have to get some more when I run out!

Sugar Scrub- another part of my gift with purchase! This product has intrigued me before, but I wasn't too sure that I would actually use it if I bought it. It smells like freshly cut grass to me, which is a scent that I actually really like. It is a little bit messy though, as you can see from all the green bits on my desk!

The Comforter bubble bar- This was also part of my gift with purchase! One of the best smelling things that I have ever smelled in my history of smelling good-smelling things. It's so fruity and fresh and yummy! It looks so appetizing too, doesn't it? Yep, sadly it is not edible. I already own one of these but it's almost gone and every time I go into Lush, they're already sold out!

Another part of my gift with purchase was the Dream Cream body butter, but I gave it to my grandmother!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I like your skirt and bag, cute outfit!