Lush haul + an OOTD

I tried to get some decent pictures of my outfit today, but it was raining and all gloomy outside. And with my mother behind the camera, I was a little nervous that I wasn't going to get any good shots. She did manage to take a couple decent ones before it started raining on us!

deets: dress(worn as top)| JCPenney's, skirt|so old I can't remember where I got it, tights|Target, boots|stevemadden 

my mom got me this beautiful gothic looking necklace for Christmas. I love it because it's got a matte finish to it!
my mulberry alexa look alike bag! another gift from Christmas that I've been getting a lot of use out of.

Okay, so onto part two of this post!
I've never really been a bath person. I can barely sit still for ten seconds, so the thought of soaking in a tub for half an hour makes me cringe a little. But I've always been curious about Lush, I've seen so many videos on youtube where people rave about their products (most of which look edible, but sadly are not!). I had been into a Lush store at the beginning of last year, but didn't purchase anything and kicked myself for it so many times. I'm sure you can imagine my delight when I saw a tiny little Lush store that just seemed to magically appear at the mall over night! They had their grand opening party today and I knew that  I had to go and check everything out. 

There was actually a line to get in the store! It was so long the first time I got there that I left and came back a little later when it was shorter. 

So many people in such a tiny store! I tried to take pictures while I was in there, but there was just no way. It was so crowded! Guess there's more Lushies in San Diego than I thought! 

I did manage to take pictures of the items that I got though!

the guy told me this was a Blackberry bath bomb, but now I'm not so sure! I think it might actually be Fairy Jasmine. Whichever one it is, it smells really good!

 Ma Bar bubble bar! it smells like chocolate and I thought the little sugar cube was such a cute touch. 

Happy Blooming bath melt. It smells just like cherries, I wish I could eat it. Seriously. 

Rehab shampoo- I've been wanting to try their Rehab shampoo since my hair is so dry and over processed. The girl helping me was kind enough to give me a sample! I'm not very keen on the smell (kiwi and papaya) but it's not too overbearing.

It's Raining Men shower gel- I've been wanting to try this shower gel for ages, it smells so good! Just like honey !

Mask of Magnaminty- I've been using the Cupcake fresh face mask for about two weeks now and have been loving it, I wanted to try and repurchase it today, but sadly they were already sold out. I settled on Mask of Magnaminty instead which I've also been wanting to try. It's a minty deep cleansing face/body mask. 

Lemony Flutter cuticle butter- this was part of my gift with purchase! I was so excited to see it there because I've been wanting to buy it for myself but wasn't sure if how I felt about the $14 price tag. I have very dry cuticles and if this works well for me, I'll definitely have to get some more when I run out!

Sugar Scrub- another part of my gift with purchase! This product has intrigued me before, but I wasn't too sure that I would actually use it if I bought it. It smells like freshly cut grass to me, which is a scent that I actually really like. It is a little bit messy though, as you can see from all the green bits on my desk!

The Comforter bubble bar- This was also part of my gift with purchase! One of the best smelling things that I have ever smelled in my history of smelling good-smelling things. It's so fruity and fresh and yummy! It looks so appetizing too, doesn't it? Yep, sadly it is not edible. I already own one of these but it's almost gone and every time I go into Lush, they're already sold out!

Another part of my gift with purchase was the Dream Cream body butter, but I gave it to my grandmother!

Thanks for reading!

fat girl fashion: the high waisted

So I've decided to start a series on this blog, which has now been renamed fatmint, in hopes that it will help me become a more active blogger. I'm also hoping that it will help me learn to love my body a little bit more, since I am going through a bit of a rough phase at the moment.

Anyways, the series is titled Fat Girl Fashion and is sort of a big 'screw you' to everyone who says - 'oh if you're bigger you should really stay away from that type of clothing'. Because you know what, I'm fat and I can wear whatever the hell I want, I don't care if it's flattering. This whole idea was really spurred on by the fact that I saw two people say that fat girls didn't look good in high waisted bottoms, which is a bunch of bologna because practically all I wear are high waisted bottoms and I look damn good in them. 

So, below I have styled four different types of high waisted bottoms: two skirts, a pair of pants and a pair of shorts. I just want to prove that you don't have to be a certain body type to wear what you want. Forget fashion rules, do what you want and be happy wearing what you love. 

You know how they have that saying 'if it looks good, eat it'? well, I have a similar philosophy when it comes to fashion- it if looks cute, THEN WEAR IT! No one can tell you no, but yourself. 

deets: top|F21, skirt|Urban Outfitters, belt|H&M, shoes|steve madden

This is my favorite kind of high waisted bottom! An a-line skirt. I love how my body looks in them and when I wear them, I feel sexy!

 I stayed in the blue/green color palette and styled it with a cute button up blouse and green belt. (please excuse the fuzzies on my skirt!)
 For a little something extra I added these amazing leopard print loafers that I have been lusting over forever.
And my kitty wanted in on the action!

deets: shirt|free people, high waisted jeans|torrid, shoes|jeffery campbell

My favorite thing to wear with high waisted pants is a big baggy sweater or shirt. I just tuck the front of the shirt into my pants and let the rest hang out in the back. I've had so many people tell me that I shouldn't wear baggy clothes because they just make me look bigger, but I don't care! They're so comfortable.  When I first bought these pants, it was mostly out of necessity, I had gone up a size and hardly any of my jeans fit me anymore, but when I saw they were high waisted I just loved them even more. 
I love this shirt by free people! the lace detailing on the back is so subtle and beautiful. 

My beloved octopus bracelet that I found at a shop in downtown disney! I'm not really a jewelry person, so I love to look for pieces that are unique so that I'll be more inspired to wear them. The ring was a gift from my cousin for Christmas and I love how big and chunky it is. Both these pieces definitely spice up my outfit. 

deets: jean jacket|gift, top|h&m, skirt|Urban Outfitters, tights|NY&CO, boots|steve madden

I freakin' love body con skirts. I love wearing them under huge sweaters with tights, I love wearing them with cute blouses tucked into them, and I love wearing them with crop tops. Especially during the summer. My mom sees me wearing one and cringes, tells me that its too tight and that she can see my stomach. And to that I say 'so what, I like how I look in them and that's all that matters to me.' I tend to wear all my body con skirts as high waisted skirts, but thats just personal preference I'm sure. 

I have two pairs of these boots, I love them so much that I wore my first pair to death. And aren't these tights amazing, I love buying tights at NY&CO because they usually have a buy one get one 50% off deal an they come in a nice range of sizes

My cool fringe necklace from Urban Outfitters that is constantly getting tangled! And my usual rings that I always wear. 

deets: sweater|gift, shorts|marc by marc jacobs, tights|unknown, shoes|Urban Outfitters.

I think this is my favorite outfit that I put together for this post! I am a HUGE fan of high waisted shorts and when someone said fat girls don't look good in them, I just had to prove them wrong. These shorts I never dreamed would fit me, but I just had to try them on and lo and behold, they did! 
I love this sweat my mom gave to me for Christmas. The color combination of the lavender and gray is so pretty!
my bow ring! another gift from my mom. It's one of those two finger rings and I was so shocked to find that it fit me since most of them only fit on one of my fingers!

And some cute booties to finish off this look! I love the look of black suede shoes with black tights.

I hope these outfits inspired you to go out there and wear whatever you want, no matter your size. I know that putting them together helped me remember that I love my body and I love dressing it. No one can tell me what to wear but me. If you have any ideas as to what the next fat girl fashion could be about, feel free to let me know!