Winter White

I feel like every time I go to make a blog post, I have to apologize for my absence! The months of October and November were not good ones for me and blogging took a backseat to real life. But now I am back and ready to get down to business!

I love wearing white during the winter time, especially paired with a red lip! I've had this Dorothy Perkins dress for a couple years and it is definitely one of my favorites, no matter the season. I decided to wear it with this pale pink coat from Free People and a bright periwinkle blue hat that I bought at Forever 21.

just a few things

Okay, so I am a terrible blogger.
I said I was back with gusto and fervency and was fully ready to start anew when I sort of lost steam, eep! Nonetheless, I will push onwards and set my personal issues aside because I really do enjoy this blog.

I only have a couple of pictures to share with you, but I figure it's better than nothing at all! 

 I have to say, I am not a fan of the high-low hem skirt. I feel like I've seen so many of them lately that they've just completely lost their appeal. I still have one though and I thought it paired nicely with this amazing (and ever so popular) long line bra from Lane Bryant. I'm super happy that I was able to get my hands on it, even if it is a size or two too big. This is definitely one of those looks I would wear out on the town, you know, if I had a social life and actually went out. 
(skirt from target, clearance section, babay! scored this for only ten bucks. Also paired with JC Litas)

I am so thrilled with this leather skirt! I bought it at H&M when it was on sale for ten or fifteen  bucks. It's a size twelve, but I had some extra leather looking fabric from a pair of old leggings and my mother's amazing friend took the time to sew in panels for me on the sides, so now it fits me beautifully. I don't think I should have to sacrifice wearing what I want just because they don't make it in my size. I also don't think I should have to pay twice as much as someone who is smaller than me to get the same skirt. Luckily for me, the woman who altered it did it for free and I am eternally grateful. Here's to hoping she teaches me how to sew so I can alter things all by myself. 
(paired with booties from H&M and an old gray thermal)

Here is a haul I filmed a couple days ago, keep a look out for OOTDs of the items shown! Especially that black and white dress, definitely looking forward to styling it.

Thank you for reading!

I'm back!

Greetings, gentle readers!

My permanent hiatus is not so permanent anymore. I've come to realize that I miss blogging and that I enjoy it more than a lot of things in life. Why deny myself something that makes me happy, right? I've changed the name of the blog to my own name, don't ask me why since I'm not too sure either. I loved fatmint, but I feel like this is better suited to me and to what I want to do with this blog. 

anyways, onto the outfit!

 outfits deets: my favorite dress from asos curve, a denim jacket turned vest from Forever 21. 
talon cuff, ebay
 my favorite pair of white chucks that I've been wearing non stop this summer. 

And some other outfits I've worn recently. 
dress is from asos, wedges are from aldo
my favorite lace dress from Dorothy Perkins. 
dress from urban outfitters, hat is from H&M
Maxi is from Forever 21, my new favorite. 

Thank you for reading, I'll be back with another post soon!
(... I hope.)

FFG: the body con

Sorry I'm so late with this post!
I made the video for this Fat Girl Fashion like nearly two weeks ago but I totally spaced and forgot to write up a blog post to go with it! This time I decided to do body con skirts, it took me awhile to be comfortable in them, but now they're one of my favorite things to wear!

outfit #1 - this is one of my favorite body con skirts, the material is super soft and I love the blue and green stripes. I paired it with a light weight cropped top and some cute little sandals! I decided to add a denim button up on top to tie everything in together. 

outfit #2- this was kind of grunge inspired, I guess? I really like pairing body con skirts with bulky sweaters and this one has really cool mesh cut outs. I added some darky vampy lipstick and some really round sunglasses to top everything off. 
outfit #3- this is definitely one of my favorite outfits. I've worn it before to go out to dinner with friends and I think it's perfect for a night out on the town. the body con skirt is actually velvet! and I think it looks really edgy paired with the longer blouse.

outfit #4- okay, I lied, this is definitely my favorite because SEQUINS MINI SKIRT! I just love everything about this, it's definitely my favorite look from this FGF. I really like the juxtaposition of the sequins and the leather. I threw on tights because its more of a night time look and I've worn this skirt with these tights before and thought it looked really cute. 

Here's the video! it lists where I got everything! (:

the fatkini

Currently I am bedridden with what I hope is a very fleeting stomach bug so I don't know when I'll have another outfit post up but until there, here is my fatkini! 

deets: bathing suit| modcloth

Last Friday I went to the dog beach with a couple of friends and, of course, my dog. I had been itching to go out to the beach, any beach, so I could strut around in my new bathing suit. Which is saying something, seeing as how I'm not terribly fond of the beach to begin with. 

 My dog is the big fluffy one, the little black one came over and decided that she wanted in on our treats! 
 My dog is pretty old, so she just kind of waded in the water for a bit before decided that her time was better spent lounging on a beach towel. 
my denim/kind of chambray skirt is from Nordstrom BP! 

Lunch from Panera!

if you're interested, here is my fatkini from last year

thank you for reading!

dinner and a show

Just thought I'd post a few pictures from last weekend! I got all dolled up to go to a fancy dinner and watch the Addams Family musical. 

 victory rolls! they took forever to do, but I was pretty impressed with the end result. 
 I wore my favorite dress from ASOS and paired it with a clutch from H&M and Seychelles Ampersand heels.
 love the sparkles on this clutch. 
 shoes! I found mine at Nordstroms on a great sale and my mom's are from Aldo!
Morticia! I was too afraid to take more pictures and my brother was judging me so I only took this one. 

me, my mom and brother!

Thanks for reading!

FGF: Spring Trends

So, remember awhile back, I said that I was going to make more Fat Girl Fashion posts? Well, here's the second one! I thought I would try something new and film a video ! It actually turned out better than I thought and I'll definitely be making more. 

Trend|Pastels - look 1
I've worn this outfit before and I'm pretty sure I posted a picture of it on my tumblr, but I just love it so much. This is definitely one of my favorite dresses, the color is beautiful! 

Trend|Pastels - look 2
I love this maxi skirt, I got it on sale at UO awhile back and it's a size medium! Seriously guys, try EVERYTHING on. you never know what will fit you! 

Trend|Polka dots - look 1
I went a little polka dot crazy with this outfit, but what can I say, I love them. They're so fun and girly. I was terrified of walking in these shoes! The heel on one of them isn't really that stable, but I wanted to wear them for this look. I almost fell to my death a couple times. 

Trend| peter pan collar, neon, polka dots. 
Okay, so it looks like the trends kind of threw up all over this outfit, but it's totally my fave. I love the contrast of the neon belt with the neutral colors of my skirt and top. 

thanks for reading! 

pretend neon

Hey everyone!
So, I'm not going to lie, I didn't even get to wear this skirt for more than ten minutes before I spilt something on it. I am forever ruining nice things because of my clumsiness. Anyways, I was on the hunt for a bright neon pink skirt to wear with this top for the longest time. I'm still searching for one, because hey, who doesn't love a neon pink skirt, but until I find one I thought this one was really cute!

deets: top&bracelet|H&M, skirt&belt|Addition Elle via Kohls, shoes|JC Lita, sunglasses|thrift 

So I think this skirt is probably as close to the neon trend as I'm going to get. I love neon anything, but I feel like they wash  me out big time! And after googling neon green, I realize that this totally isn't it, but I'm going to pretend anyways. ^_^

I freakin' love these shoes, they make me super tall and are surprisingly comfortable to walk in. It's probably because of the HUGE platform.  

 I saw this bracelet at H&M the other day and bought it and now I'm kind of obsessed with it. I love the effortless elegance it brings to a look. 

Also, as an extra! here's a picture of me at my birthday BBQ last weekend. The dress is from H&M and it's probably my favorite thing in my closet at the moment. 

thanks for reading! 

denim on denim

Hey everyone!
Have I mentioned lately how much I really love bow ties? I want to wear them all the time!
I've been on the hunt for button up shirts that fit over my boobs! It's turning out to be a more difficult feat than I thought. I wore this outfit to go spend a little birthday money at the mall with a couple friends. While I was there we popped into Lush and a couple of the girls who work there said they read my blog! I was so surprised! (hi if any of you are reading this!)

deets: bow tie|F21, denim shirt|Charlotte Russe, black jeans|Old Navy, boots|Steve Madden 

thanks for reading!

fatshion february #4

Hello everyone! 

It's the last day of fatshion February! I wish I could've posted more outfits, but truthfully, I only really wear leggings and a sweater most days and that's not too exciting. Today, however, I decided to dress up a little bit for class since it was so nice outside. It may have looked nice and sunny but oh my gosh was it windy! I had numerous Marilyn Monroe moments today and they are not as glamourous as they may seem.

deets: cardigan|BP, lace top|F21+, skirt,belt&tights|H&M, shoes|Macy's

I just realized that a lot of this ensemble is from H&M!  I really like shopping there because most of their clothes have a decent amount of stretch and some pieces are generously over sized! I found out the other day that they  carry tights up to a size XL, I didn't know if they would fit, but I decided to give them a try and they did, although I will admit they are for someone with longer legs than I. 

Me trying to stupidly spin around and demonstrate the whole Monroe phenomenon that had been happening to me all day. Of course, when you want a big gust of wind there never is one. 

My already dirty saddle shoes! I was drawn to them because they're actually corduroy! Can't say that I've ever seen a pay of corduroy shoes before!

thanks for reading!

fatshion february #3

Hello everyone! I've been super busy with school, but I finally had a moment to take some pictures of my outfit today! I wore this to go get brunch with my mom and do a little shopping at Urban Outfitters. Window shopping that is. 

deets: dress|H&M, vest|F21

I freakin' love this dress so much. When I first saw it in H&M, I knew it was so perfectly me that I had to have it. I searched almost every single rack looking for a size large, but all they had were mediums. I tried it on anyways because it was so cute and I hoped that maybe I could squeeze myself into it. And I could! I was so excited. The vest used to be a jacket that a friend got me for my birthday a loooong time ago, but my arms have gotten significantly fatter since I was 16, so I decided that I could use another denim vest and cut off the sleeves! 

necklace|F21, brooches|H&M and the Rosebowl. 

This necklace is so awesome. I love juxtaposition of pairing it with really feminine dresses and tops. I found this amazing green brooch at the Rosebowl when I went last summer. The picture doesn't do it justice, it's so much more vibrant and sparkly in real life. 

my hands! this awesome purple nail polish is from Urban Outfitters. 

My rings that I always wear, along with this ring that reminds me of LOTR and my mom's Tiffany ring that she wanted to be included in the picture, haha. 

These flats are from Old Navy and I had bought them because I was having a shoe emergency and needed something cheap and comfortable. BEST EMERGENCY PURCHASE EVER. They are so comfy and they're burgundy velvet flats, what's not to love?

-- -- -- 

My mom and I went to Snooze in Hillcrest for brunch, it's seriously so yummy and I have such a hard time deciding what to get every time we go there. 

Some of the best hot chocolate I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. 

Our spread! 

A blurry picture of my food. I got two kinds of eggs benedict- Chilaquiles Benedict and the Bella! Bella! Benny. So good, I definitely recommend the Chilaquiles Benedict! 

my mom's BLT, it was so good, totally getting it next time we go!

The pancake flight! We got to pick three pancakes from the menu: a bourbon cherry one (not my favorite), red velvet, and the pancake of the day which was called Islands Girl. 

Thanks for reading!